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T-Ball Division Rules

1. Games – Each game will be three (3) complete innings, or one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes in length. It is the responsibility of the managers and coaches to keep the games moving. We do not keep score in tee-ball (no hits, runs, errors, wins, losses...)

2. Batting Order – Each team will bat through their entire roster each 1⁄2 inning. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that he/she rotates his/her batting order each game so that every player has a chance to bat in different parts of the lineup. The last batter will touch all of the bases and then the teams will switch sides, regardless of whether an out is recorded or not. 

3. Batting:

  • ●  The tee will be used for the first five (5) games of the season by all teams. A player will

continue to swing until they make contact and put a ball in play. For safety reasons the batted ball must go more than 8 feet from the batter’s box or it is deemed a foul ball. It is up to the offensive coach to determine if a batted ball is fair or foul.

  • ●  Coaches may pitch to their own batters after the 5th game of the season. Each batter is allowed a maximum of 5 pitches, regardless of whether pitched balls are hittable or not. If after (5) five pitches, the batter has not put a ball in play, then the player will be given the opportunity to complete their at bat with the use of the tee.
  • ●  A ball that rolls past the cones is a double and a ball that goes over the cones is a home run
  • ●  There are no strikeouts.
    NOTE: No player may have a bat in his/her hand unless batting, including before and after a game.

4. Base Runners:

  1. 1st half of the season – Base runners may only advance a base on a ball that stays in the field of play. No base advancement for over thrown ball outside of the playing field.
  2. 2nd half of the season – Base runners can advance multiple bases if the ball is still in the outfield and no play on the ball has been made. Once there is an attempt by the defense to get the ball back to the infield, base runners can no longer advance. If a ball is hit in the infield and a play is made where the ball is overthrown, no base advancement.
  3. 2nd half of season - If the defense makes a play on a base runner that is advancing to any base other than home plate, that runner may be called out and removed from the bases. After 3 outs have been made the bases are cleared and the remaining players continue hitting through the roster.
  4. Base runners may advance 2 bases on a ball that goes past the cones in the outfield.
  5. No sliding at any time.

5. Player Rotation

1. Fielders must be rotated every inning on defense. No player is to play the same position twice in any game. Every player must play at least 1 inning in the infield and 1 inning in the outfield.

NOTE: For safety reason not every player can play 1st base

6. Offense Mentoring - Each team may have two (2) adult base coaches, one on 1st base and one on 3rd. Each team must have an adult in the dugout at all times. Only adults with approved volunteer forms can be on the field at any time. No exceptions.

7. Defensive Mentoring 

  1. Each team may have a minimum of two (2) adult coaches on the field during play to mentor, and instruct players regarding baseball rules, strategy, skills and for the kids’ safety. No exceptions.
  2. Ideally it is best to have four (4) coaches on field (2 infield, 2 outfield) for the above reasons

NOTE: It is recommended to have one coach between 1st and 2nd, and SS and 3rd.

8. Uniform - Players can wear white baseball pants during the game. Jeans or sweatpants are acceptable.

9. Player Safety (practice/game):

  1. No player may have a bat in his/her hand unless batting, including before and after a game.
  1. Any player batting or running the bases must have a batting helmet on.

10. Field Setup – Home team is responsible for field set up and teardown. Set up consists of putting out the bases and the cones in the outfield. Teardown is...put everything away. There is a green locker box located behind home plate to store bases, cones, (2) tees and two sets of catcher’s gear.

Important reminder: Please use base plugs after removing bases to prevent dirt entering the base sleeve. Play Ball!

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