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Registration FAQs

I have already registered player(s) online at LGLL for previous seasons. Why do I need to create a new User ID and password?

Our goal is to make the process of registering your child(ren) as smooth as possible. This year, in order to improve the LGLL online registration process, LGLL has partnered with SportsConnect, a sponsor of little league. Since this is the first year utilizing SportsConnect, every family must create a new user id and password. Creating an online account allows the ability to save your data season to season so you will not have to continue to re-write/re-type your info each year.

Is there another method to register player(s) other than Online?

No, all players must be registered online. LGLL has a adopted GO GREEN Registration to save you time, let you register at your own convenience, enable credit card payment, and reduce the amount of volunteer effort require to process registrations.

What are the volunteer requirements?

Our organization depends on your support. Each family is expected to fulfill a mandatory volunteer shift of two hours during the season. Please review the list of volunteer positions and select one of interest. Please note that selecting a volunteer position does not automatically guarantee this assignment. All efforts will be made to honor your request. All volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application. Completed volunteer forms and a clear copy of driver’s license must be submitted to a league official during one of the in-person verification nights. IMPORTANT: If you choose to opt out of volunteering, a $250.00 donation will automatically be added to your cart and payable at checkout.

Now that the league is requiring 100% online registration, what if I have difficulty registering my child online?

If there are circumstances preventing you to register your player(s) online, contact the LGLL Information Officer at [email protected]. Keep in mind all deadlines and late fees will apply. Once online registration is closed, registrants may need to be placed on a wait list.

I have more than one player to register; will I have to repeat data entry for each player?

One of the greatest advantages to this system is that once entered the data will be stored for each family member saving you time in the registration process. Since medical information may be unique to each family member, this personal information must be data entered separately.

I will be registering more than one player in our family. Does LGLL offer a family discount?

Yes, the maximum payment per family is $600.00.

Do T-ball players attend the player evaluations (try-outs)?

No, T-ball is the only division that does not have player evaluations. T-ball players are distributed among teams evenly. If you have a buddy request, make sure to fill in the text box during registration. Buddy requests are only allowed for the T-ball division.

Do I need to get verified again if I am a returning player?

Yes, all players are required to show proof of age and/or residence.

I have created an account and password in preparation to register my child however, I did not see a step to process payment. How do I know if my registration was successful?

A confirmation will be sent via email within 24 hours of registration. If you do not receive a confirmation, login and check if transaction is still pending in cart. For more information, registration instructions are available on the home page of the website.

Where do I submit the Medical Release form that is required to complete registration?

Hold on to medical release form until player is assigned to a team. Team manager will collect form at first practice. This form must be kept with manager through the entire season.

My child has already played in T-ball for one year. I prefer my child to play in the Farm Division. Why will the system only allow me to register in the t-ball division?

Players League Age 5 and 6 years are automatically assigned to to the T-ball division. Players aged 7 and 8 years are automatically assigned to Farm divisions. You may contact the Player Agent for more information.

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